| Do the Democrats really want peace or war?

Do the Democrats really want peace or war?

voltwriter2000 asked the question:
The Democratic controlled House in New Jersey USA has fired shots triggering WWIII. Please read the Valley Of Decision 2008, and then go to www.oceangrove.org for details…


For centuries prophets and historians have convinced Mankind that the “Third World War” would be fought in The Middle East with great-invented weapons of gargantuan mass destruction. Except, current events are revealing that the “Third World War” will be spiritual in nature and fought simultaneously by all nations around the world not with weapons of incredible mass destruction, but with words of incredulous multitude.

Based on the incredulous multitude of words written in the God inspired anti-gay rights manuscript, including the insurmountable foundation for a constitutional amendment assuring the complete and inevitable annihilation of gay rights altogether “The Manmade Second Coming Of Christ Battle For The Earth” this spiritual Third World War of Good Vs Evil, as highlighted in headlines of countless daily news stories around the world that are dominated by terrorism in the name of God and gay marriage, has already started. Unfortunately, although this spiritual war has been subsistent throughout the world for telltale centuries, it is only now being identified by Ebay’s “The Manmade Second Coming Of Christ Battle For The Earth” as the Third World War.

“The Manmade Second Coming Of Christ Battle For The Earth” exclusively defines gay rights as a physiological and psychological road map for a war of self-destruction, and the spiritual valley of Ocean Grove in which God may have specified that the decisive battle to end this war take place. Inadvertently, humanity is going forth now into that valley of decision commencing in the year of our Lord thousand and seven, the time and place that I believe God has at last designated for humanity to unite and make a concrete stand against the blatant ongoing assaults on mankind by the false prophecies of terrorism in the name of God and gay rights.

Hence, it appears that the Ocean Grove Camp meeting Association’s refusal to surrender the sacred Boardwalk Pavilion to the advancement of homosexuality may be God’s decisive battle in this spiritual war of Good Vs. Evil. For under no circumstances whatsoever must the Camp meeting Association undermine God and religious faith by ever allowing any civil union to take place.
Subsequently, as per “The Manmade Second Coming Of Christ Battle For The Earth” the tenacious fight anticipated to now arise in the matter of civil unions vs. the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association taking place in New Jersey, is about to trigger the chain reaction of common sense God has unleashed with the cataclysmic verbal power to extend from state to state and culminate at the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections, where righteousness will ultimately be decided.

As we go forth into the valley of decision “The Manmade Second Coming Of Christ Battle For The Earth” offers complete explanations as to how and why terrorists, homosexuals and other such anti-human facets of manmade manufacturing are actively attacking the phenomenon of Mankind’s faith in God with extreme obsession for control of the Earth. It also explains why, based on America’s current state of turmoil and despair, the Presidential Candidate demonstrating the closest relationship with God, the immediate answer to the Country’s problems is going to be the next U.S. President.

Which means that the candidate displaying the most courage and insight of action to recognize that this homosexual attack on the boardwalk pavilion in Ocean Grove is yet another example of religious organizations failing to unite and stand firm against the aberrations of gay rights. Divided and conquered. Religious organizations around the world are taking a horrific pounding from gay rights organizations. The candidate would question without fear of gay rights activists retaliation, why the numerous churches at least in the immediate area haven’t united in support against this gay rights attempt at advancement.

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4 Responses to “Do the Democrats really want peace or war?”

  1. mighty.macabros on February 6th, 2009 1:52 pm

    Yes, because allowing two people who love each other to be together is obviously much worse than a nuclear holocaust.

    If you truly believe that logic, then do us a favor and cleanse yourself with righteous fire.

  2. My name is not bruce on February 8th, 2009 4:31 pm

    What the hell???

    I’m not a fan of homosexuality myself, but really why does it matter what your neighbor does and in this particular case, the government.

    The fact that the government may allow gay marriage doesn’t affect my faith in god or suddenly changes my opinion on gay marriage.

    I mean the man says alcohol is cool and pot is bad….so i that should be my belief too?

    Maybe i missed something in the article…i just read the first 2 paragraphs and the last 1.

  3. spike on February 11th, 2009 9:54 pm

    i’m assuming that you tried this question in ‘politics and government’ and got hooted off…and art bell’s not taking your calls…tell me, how long did it take to make that tinnfoil hat??? did one of the friendly orderlies help?

  4. Judy E. T on February 19th, 2009 6:04 pm

    whom ever gets elected in 08 has to face civilian unrest,
    violence directed against christian and Jews,
    unprecedented super-storms, black-outs and food
    shortages. if we don’t choose correctly; what happened
    in New Orleans will happen nationwide. the democratic
    governor and mayor let Those people fend for themselves!!
    they have no compassion except when it comes to saving
    their own butts.